Full Moon Mix: Summer Chill Vibez


It’s already that time again! The full moon is happening tomorrow and there’s also a lunar eclipse– if you are into astrology, I’m sure that all means something.  Changes, beginnings, endings… but most obviously it is FINALLY the beginning of summer.

This mix is my ode to slow rollin’, summer chill vibez.  Don’t worry, it’s not TOO chill! There is an appearance by the original nasty gal, Betty Davis, who is here to give us a full-on music history lesson (listen to the lyrics and take notes!) and there is some stuff that will make you want to shake it too.

Hopefully before the season is over, we will all have the chance to get naked and laze around under a giant palm frond on a desolate beach.  If that’s not happening, bbq’s, iced tea, longboarding in Long Island, and NYC roof vibes will have to do.

Until next month (when I will be ten shades darker)… xoxo


2 Responses to “Full Moon Mix: Summer Chill Vibez”

  1. Mom says:

    Do I know those feet?

  2. laurenwood says:

    Haha! No- not quite there yet… What I aspire to!

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