Snapshot: The Texas Hill Country

I just got back from some family time in my home state of Texas and had the pleasure of relaxing a couple hours west of Austin in the hill country.  The only way to deal with the heat in the summertime is to find a cool watering hole and stay really close to it (below you can see a pic of my mom drinking champagne in her inner tube on a particularly pristine section of the Guadalupe River– that’s how we do y’all).

I stopped off in Austin on the way and found the treasures below.  You don’t need to wear much as it’s about 150 degrees and pretty casual, but I like to dress up cut-offs and a t-shirt with some stylish accessories.

The last pic is of my favorite small town honky tonk (country music dance hall). On Saturday nights, the cowboys come in off the ranches clean shaven, jeans starched, and ready to twirl their ladies around the floor.  The beers are ice-cold, the music is live, and it’s pretty much as fun as hell.  A far cry from my apartment in Brooklyn, indeed.

Vintage leather clutch and Star Vintage Levi’s cut-offs from Feathers, coin jewelry from JM Drygoods, and tribal cuff from Spartan (all in Austin, Texas).

3 Responses to “Snapshot: The Texas Hill Country”

  1. Leslie says:

    My favorite place to be! South Texas with the fam.

  2. kendra says:

    i want to visit tx with you as a guide one of these days!

  3. laurenwood says:

    Kendra, it would be my pleasure! I know lots of secret spots!!

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