Moroccan Rugs for YOU!

On a recent trip to Marrakech and Essaouria, I met with a rug dealer and picked up some carpets to bring home for family and friends.  I also picked out a few to sell here at Wax + Cruz.  We have some new projects and handmade goods in the works (to be unveiled shortly!!), and this is our first venture bringing art and objects from our travels to our readers!  Really excited about this!

Moroccan rugs are fascinating and so beautiful– each comes from a  different tribe and is woven by hand.  They all have their own personalities and I handpicked these because I found them really unusual with amazing color palettes. They are all vintage (except the pillowcases), handwoven, and are truly like paintings (especially the Boucherouites)- each knot is a conscious brush stroke from the mind of the woman that who made it.

The Handiras are traditional wedding blankets made by the family of the bride (and worn over her shoulders like a cape after her wedding ceremony).

They are so bold and lovely, I could hardly decide what to bring home.  I have a few left for sale below!  They have already added so much to our living space and I hope these find a home where they will be loved– I have to admit, they are difficult to part with!

Feel free to email me at with any questions and we can work out payment and shipping (shipping cost will be added, I am happy to ship anywhere in the US.)


SOLD! –“blonde arrow”,  azilal style:  36″ x  92″


“Blonde Arrow” is from the Azilal tribe. She is woven from wool and has chocolate, hot pink, and turquoise accents.


“the bride”, handira style, 44″ x 72″, $525.00


This one is such a beauty.  Would be gorgeous on a bed or wall.  Add instant earthy glam to your home by throwing this over a daybed with the handira pillowcases.


Above is some inspiration for your home, handira-style, from one of the hotels I stayed in Marrakech.



sold! — “big sparkle”, handira style, 47″ x 68″


Twenty square feet of pure happiness…


handira pillowcases 23″ x 33″, $125.00 each


I have 3 of these and they would fit a king size pillow.   They have a zipper closure.


sold!– “the punk”, boucherouite style, 52″ x 46″


“The Punk” is truly a rebel carpet!  If you look close, every fiber fascinates.  There are polkadots and ombres, stripes, and herringbone all mixed up into this powerful presence.  I love this rug.  It belongs on a wall!!



sold! —“the magic eye”, boucherouite style, 34″ x 64″


Another favorite, this Boucherouite is more subdued.  The diamond motif radiates out from bold interior colors to soft pinks and buttermilk tones.  This is an understated, warm, elegant lady.


sold! — “desert cross”, zemmour style,  66″ x 130″


Sorry guys! This beauty is currently making our bedroom a more cohesive and cozy place.



Trev and I just installed “Big Sparkle” and “Desert Cross” in our bedroom.  They are changing our life! At different times of day, the light reflects off the sequins in different colors and it’s pretty magical.

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  1. Leslie Wood says:

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! Looks great in the apartment!

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