Snapshot: Morocco, Marrakech and Essaouria

Above are mainly images from my time in Marrakech. The top interior is the lovely Riad El Fenn. There are also some pics from my carpet buying excursion.

Above is the desert outside of Marrakech.  There is absolutely nothing out there- it feels like the dustiest, driest, red moonscape.  We worked out of a beautiful tent draped in black wool.  It is amazing what a difference a bit of shade makes.  I think that Coca-Cola saved my life.

These are images from Essaouria, a blue city, and the beaches close by…. Our local producer taught me how to wear a traditional Berber head wrap- perfect for keeping the sand and heat out during long treks in the desert.

Some more texture from the market place in Marrakech.  The souk is full of spices and pigments used for dyeing (like the wool hanging), cosmetics, medicinal purposes, and flavoring food.  The gentleman on the bike is selling mint — don’t let the empty street fool you- that was at 6am.  Three hours later the streets are completely packed with vendors, motorbikes, and tourists…

Vinyl from a restaurant I ate at in Essaouria:  Along with traditional Gnawa and African blues, they listen to Kate Bush in Morocco too! Ha!

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