Vogue Paris in Peru

How do you work all of the amazing pieces you pick up while you’re traveling into your wardrobe?  I buy so many hippie dresses, scarves, and cotton blouses while I’m out of the country, but find when I come back to NYC, they just don’t feel right anymore.  They don’t feel relevant, or modern enough, but this story gives hope to all the floaty, woven gems waiting to be worn in my closet.  Veronique Didry kills it on the styling in this story shot by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer in the April issue of Vogue Paris. They captured Peru’s traditional layering style really beautifully, but mixed with it with a bold, denim work-wear aesthetic. Lots of inspiration here– so fun!

p.s. check out that turquoise cuff!!!

3 Responses to “Vogue Paris in Peru”

  1. reeves says:

    This was my all time absolute favorite Vogue to date! Absolutely stunning! So happy to see it recognized.

  2. Stephanie Bohn Philpott says:

    I’m in LOVE with this spread. Every ounce of this reminds me of you, Miss Wood. Miss you much.

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