Corfu, Greece

Here are some snapshots from a work trip to Corfu a couple weeks ago.  The island was rocky and textural, but really lush and humid.  The food, as is typical in Greece, is to die for.  If you don’t eat bread and cheese you will tortured every time you sit down to a meal by fluffy, fried confections, and salty white frommage.  It was pretty decadent, but balanced out by simple, fresh grilled fish and local olive oil.  I could eat like this every day- no complaints.

A rainy trip out to paradise beach, and the final destination– rocky, white cliffs sheltering a desolate cove inaccessible except by small boat.

The perfect lunch spot in an old olive oil factory, turned rustic country home.

Olive wood is a local export, as well as olive oil of course.  How many salad tongs and olive wood spatulas does a girl need? Our kitchen in newly stocked with all sorts of spoons, cooking tools, and cutting boards.  They are pretty enough to hang on the wall, but I’m going to use them. Limes also grow in the wild.

Strange, antiquated sticker graffiti.  I saw this in a small side street and was fascinated by it- so elegant!

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