Full Moon Mix: My Senses Be Praised


image by Malick Sidibe

New Full Moon Mix here!  This one has been percolatin’ for a while since our big full moon last week, but I was on the road, so I just got the chance to publish it now.  I was on a road trip out in West Texas with my family– many, many hours in the car, in the desert, listening to tunes, discovering new stuff!  This one really spans the folk / funk spectrum but I like a little of bit of everything, anything that has a good beat, some soul, something to say.  As we begin a new season I’d like to wish ALL GOOD THINGS to ALL OF YOU… in the words of the Rolling Stones song “Heaven” (covered in this mix by Kasper Bjorke)….

“Senses be praised, senses be praised /// You’re my saving grace, saving grace /// Nothing will harm you, nothing will stand in your way ///  Nothing will stop you and nothing will stand in your way, no one will harm you, and no one will stand in your way /// No one will bar you and nothing will stand in your way …”

xoxo, Lauren


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