Full Moon Mix: My Senses Be Praised


image by Malick Sidibe

New Full Moon Mix here!  This one has been percolatin’ for a while since our big full moon last week, but I was on the road, so I just got the chance to publish it now.  I was on a road trip out in West Texas with my family– many, many hours in the car, in the desert, listening to tunes, discovering new stuff!  This one really spans the folk / funk spectrum but I like a little of bit of everything, anything that has a good beat, some soul, something to say.  As we begin a new season I’d like to wish ALL GOOD THINGS to ALL OF YOU… in the words of the Rolling Stones song “Heaven” (covered in this mix by Kasper Bjorke)….

“Senses be praised, senses be praised /// You’re my saving grace, saving grace /// Nothing will harm you, nothing will stand in your way ///  Nothing will stop you and nothing will stand in your way, no one will harm you, and no one will stand in your way /// No one will bar you and nothing will stand in your way …”

xoxo, Lauren


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Full Moon Mix: Just because…

Veruschka by Franco Rubartelli

Veruschka by Franco Rubartelli

It’s not the Full Moon or even the New Moon, which was in Aquarius last week, but I thought I’d share some tunes anyways.  Some sounds to counteract the cold and celebrate a SLIGHTLY longer day! We are on the upside people! Enjoy… xoxo

The “Just Because….” Mix




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full moon mix: the west is the best, baby


In honor of the big, beautiful full moon a couple days ago, my time in southwest Texas this past weekend, and my recent viewing of Terrence Malick’s Badlands

My “The West is Best, Baby” mix!!  A spacious and sometimes psychedelic soundtrack to the Western in my mind. Enjoy!



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Full Moon Mix: Summer Chill Vibez


It’s already that time again! The full moon is happening tomorrow and there’s also a lunar eclipse– if you are into astrology, I’m sure that all means something.  Changes, beginnings, endings… but most obviously it is FINALLY the beginning of summer.

This mix is my ode to slow rollin’, summer chill vibez.  Don’t worry, it’s not TOO chill! There is an appearance by the original nasty gal, Betty Davis, who is here to give us a full-on music history lesson (listen to the lyrics and take notes!) and there is some stuff that will make you want to shake it too.

Hopefully before the season is over, we will all have the chance to get naked and laze around under a giant palm frond on a desolate beach.  If that’s not happening, bbq’s, iced tea, longboarding in Long Island, and NYC roof vibes will have to do.

Until next month (when I will be ten shades darker)… xoxo


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Full Moon Mix: Hey Moon!

image by Alexandra Valenti

Hi friends! It’s the biggest full moon of the year tonight and the second Full Moon Mix here at Wax + Cruz–  I selected these songs with the MAGIC of nighttime in mind… a little bit tribal, a little bit synth, a little outer-spacey, with some gritty blues mixed in to keep it real…

Look up and howl this fine evening! xoxo

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Full Moon Mix: I Won’t Be Back

Record cover haiku by Bambouché

I am pretty psyched to share our first Full Moon Mix here at Wax + Cruz!  Brought to us by my friend Bambouché who’s knowledge and taste in music is expansive and sweeping.  One time when I was at his house working on a music project, I asked if he had a record with a marching band sample.  He turned to his WALL of records and deftly pulled one specific album from the rows (he knew exactly where it was of course). He even knew what time the drum solo started (or pretty close at least). Then he set the needle down on the vinyl at exactly the right spot (or pretty close at least)!  What a freak (Hi Bambouché!)– or a genius. Haha!

So the “I Won’t Be Back” mix comes from that mind– Bambouché takes us on a mysterious, jammy ride through the dark cosmos. It starts out a lover’s walk through a garden at night, but ends a wandering, mind-bending, outlaw’s journey.  It’s probably stuff you’ve never heard before and will especially appeal to all you psych heads.  There are some soulful, groovy moments too– “come on meditate, let’s contemplate!”– truly from another time.

Chuang Tzu says (or is it Bambouché?? — I don’t know): “Identify yourself with the infinite and wander freely in the unfathomable…

All hail the Full Moon!!! Take a trip and enjoy….


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